Sunday, October 28, 2012

Employee Gifts for the Holidays That Promote Your Company

The holidays are a great time to reward employees and show your appreciation with personalized corporate gifts in the form of promotional products. Today's economy requires a smart approach to employee recognition and gift giving by making sure scarce resources provide the highest return on your investment.

Employees work hard all year by bringing their talent and skills to make your business successful. For many small to large businesses, the days of holiday bonuses are not as possible as they once were. There are other ways to recognize employees and reward them with a meaningful and useful gift while building your business brand at the same time.

Some of the best gift options include custom promotional items such as hooded sweatshirts, outer wear, hats, and other apparel that give your staff a practical and memorable holiday gift. These items also encourage team building and pride in the workplace as well. By including your logo, business name, tagline, or other corporate branding image, you are also marketing your business every time your employee wears the apparel items.

A professional promotional product company is able to copy your logo or other artwork and embroider, use a silk screening process, or other modern mechanisms to apply your message to garments or other promotional items. These custom gifts can extend beyond your employees, too. The holidays are the perfect time to extend custom promotional gifts to valued clients or customers as well. Besides apparel, there are many gifts to select from such as sports bags, duffel bags, backpacks, briefcases, luggage, and more. These items are very popular gifts and offer marketing opportunities to a wide audience when clients or employees use them and others admire them.

Mugs, business card holders and smaller items such as pens, water bottles, post-it notes, and much, much more, make it possible for you to provide gifts that match your corporate or business budget. The holidays and beginning of the New Year is also a time many businesses give out recognition awards to outstanding employees. Recognition awards might be etched glass gifts, plaques, watches - the possibilities are endless! You can customize your recognition or achievement awards so that the recipient is proud to display them. Clients will take notice, as will family and friends again giving you the opportunity to make a positive brand statement to a wider audience.

Promotional holiday gifts, especially when ordered in bulk, are fantastic way to combine the joy of gift giving with the practical impact of building your corporate brand. Whether you are a small, local business or a major corporation with a national client-base, promotional gifts for the holidays are a smart investment that is a win-win for your employees and clients and for your business image.


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