Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Market a OB/GYN Practice Successfully

Marketing an OB/GYN practice is a sensitive subject considering the issues involved in it. OB/GYN marketing is distinctive in nature as the target audience in specific and the topic can be a little bit insubstantial. The reason why OB/GYN marketing is different from other practice's marketing is that women are uncomfortable discussing their issues in open. However, this very reason makes OB/GYN marketing all the more important. You have to be very careful of the fact that you don't contravene delicate boundaries with your marketing efforts. Here's how you can market your OB/GYN practice successfully.

I. One advantage as a gynecologist you get is you don't have to identify the target audience. Having said that, you need to build up credibility for your practice. Why should women trust your practice? Creating a practice logo and advertising through brochures and pamphlets will take care of your brand identity. Women are circumspect of talking about their health problems. So, slipping a brochure in local newspapers occasionally, explaining all the services and procedures would keep your would-be patients informed.

II. Pertaining to their hesitance to discuss issues, the Internet gives them an option to search for a relevant gynecologist. Now, how are you going to develop an internet presence? The answer lies in creation of an obstetrics and gynecology website. Take help of the finest medical website designers available. Tell them to focus on the content part. It's the quality of the content, which will determine the website's traffic. In your website, mention patients' testimonials. This will encourage prospective patients to visit your clinic.

III. It's a known fact when it comes to women's health there is no other way than a female's circle of friends. If you can build trust through effective marketing campaign, you probably would get an advantage of positive word of mouth. If you leave your patients utterly satisfied, there is likelihood they will share their experience with other friends.

IV. Happy, healthy and satisfied patients are more likely to refer you to other women. A good referral base will not only add sustainability to your practice, but also build trust among potential clients. In order to have a good referral base, consider having weekly frequently asked question posts on your website. Encourage patients to discuss issues that they more often than not fail to discuss with you in open.

OB/GYN marketing involves a great deal of innovation and assessment of marketing strategies at regular intervals. When done ethically, medical marketing will your web traffic, increase trust, increase word of mouth referrals, and thus increase the number of patients.


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