Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get Dollars From Linkfromblog

These steps do BID is as follows. First, the entry (sign in) on LinkFromBlog with user and password respectively. Second, click the button "Blogger". Third, and then click the menu button "offer" that will appear below the image. If you want to show the amount diapprove (received) and the direject (rejected), check the the "number of approves tasks" are also on the "Number of Rejected bids" as well as the "Number of remarks" and "type post." Type the BID minimum tariff on the "lower price", suppose we want only the task with a minimum tariff of $ 3 then type in the $ 3. Fourth, click the "Search" to start the search task (job). The result is like the picture below. Fifth, to try to make an offer, click on one or several "compaign". As an example can be seen screenshots below. Sixth, then specify the value of our bid. The bid values shall not exceed the maximum bid value as determined by the advertiser. Seventh, click the "Send a Bid" Eighth, finished.Advertise with my Blog

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