Saturday, September 15, 2012

5 Tips For An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Today where almost everyone is online, more and more business owners are switching from traditional mediums of business advertising to online means. From managing a website, to SEO and social networking, email marketing is one of the best ways to introduce your products and services to the online world.

A well planned email marketing campaign can largely affect your business' visibility and global recognition. And by following the right email marketing procedures, you can start seeing the results once your target costumers receive your emails. Email marketing also allows you to adapt to a constantly changing business world which makes the competition for a wider client base more cut-throat than ever before.

If you want to get the most out of your online presence, you should invest more time and energy on making sure that you get your email marketing strategy right.

1. Make sure to put obvious links on your email. Remember that the main purpose of email marketing is to drive traffic into your website. In order to achieve this, you need to include a lot of working links in your email and make sure that they actually look like links. You can also use a strong call to action to help attract your users to click on the links.

2. Tell your subscribers of what to expect. It is important to let your readers know what you plan on giving them and how often. You need to provide enough information on your subscription form so they can properly decide whether they want to be on your mailing list or not.

3. Don't forget to send a welcome email. It's advisable to remind your readers why they are receiving an email from your company and take this opportunity to thank them for their loyalty. You also need to reassure them that they can expect a lot of great things from their subscription. You can start by giving away a special offer or an exclusive content for new subscribers.

4. Make sure to include an easy to unsubscribe option in your email. Assuring your readers that they can unsubscribe from your emails or newsletters anytime they want is a good thing. You need to incorporate easy-to-find links that will allow them to unsubscribe with minimal effort.

Otherwise, when people get frustrated while figuring out how to remove their email addresses from your list it is likely that your email will be flagged as spam. This will affect your reputation and your future emails will end up in the junk folder instead of in the inbox of your potential clients.

5. Keep Your Text Short and Scannable. You can't expect users to read the entire text in your email. They're simply going to scan it for various points that might interest them. So keep it to the point, concise and highlight important messages.

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